I need to vent.

Who has a hard time around this time of year? I have a hard time keeping up with my writing and doing things that keep me away writing. I hate that I do that and I think I need to start making myself write even if I don’t want to.

Writing is my passion, but sometimes you have to take a break from it, or you will just not feel like doing it anymore. I have taken time off of school for awhile to be able to recharge and help myself with writing.

I love the holidays, but I don’t like the way that my day job pushes us because everything has to be done by year-end. It can be impossible at times. That always drags me down and make me feel like I don’t want to write. Not making excuses just venting.

I have started writing my first novel. It is not the novel that I thought I would write, but I think this one will be the one that launches my career. When I go back to school, I will be working on my MFA in Screenwriting. I just hope that I can live up to the standards of the industry.

My dream is to work for a TV show as one of the staff writers. This would make me feel like I actually accomplished something. Mara, I wanted to say to you, I tried to do NaNoWriMo, but it kicked my butt. I didn’t get very far before something stopped me. I just wanted you to know that I tried, I really did.

Thank everyone for listening to me rant and vent. I needed to let you know that I was still here even though I haven’t posted. I have been dealing with a lot of family stuff and work, but I am going to try and write at least once a week.

Author: Nina Butler

I am an aspiring screenwriter. I do book reviews on the side. I would also love to publish a horror fantasy series. I love to read, write, create, and connect with fellow writers.

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