Journal Entry #2

Hello again my friend. I just got back from killing a vampire. I can’t believe that it just comes so natural to me now. I don’t know why I feel nothing every time I kill. I just want to die sometimes, but I need to stop and think about Doryan. He is the one that needs me. Well, I need him too. I sit here on my bed taking off my combat boots and black socks so that my feet can rest. Man do I need to relax.

I need to take off my leather jacket because it is boiling in here. I just wanted to come and tell you about my kill. First, though I think I will change into my sweatpants because these leather ones are restricting. I have to wear leather to make myself more aerodynamic. Ha, ha who am I kidding I love leather, and the color purple, and green. Why am I droning on about what I like? Thanks for listening, I guess.

Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you I tuned up Handsome today. Oh yeah, that’s what I call my motorcycle. He is the only one that has been with me since I was sixteen. He gives me joy when we go places together. He has been mangled a few times, so I learned to fix him up so that we can stay together. He makes me really happy. I hope that one day you will do the same for me.

Anyway, back to the kill. I got wind of a vampire on that was terrorizing the young girls in one of the college dorms. So I went to investigate, come to find out that he was just right there in plain sight. He didn’t even try to hide. Man these monsters are getting more ballsy. Next thing you know they will be asking for rights.

So, I decided to act like one of the girls that he had been terrorizing. He picked me up at a bar with a cheesy pickup line I can’t remember. We went into the back of alley of the bar, and he tried to kiss me, and I acted all shy and reserved. He then started to kiss my neck, and suddenly I felt him open his mouth. He tried to bite me, but before he could I cut his head off. It felt so good. I know I need help but ridding the world of these things make me feel like I am doing some good in the world.

Thanks for listening to my story. Until tomorrow journal, my friend.



Author: Nina Butler

I am an aspiring screenwriter. I do book reviews on the side. I would also love to publish a horror fantasy series. I love to read, write, create, and connect with fellow writers.

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