Journal #4

Hey buddy,

I know that it has been awhile since I have written in you. I have been with a guy. He makes me so happy. His name is Tyler, and he has black hair and blue eyes. I have always had a thing for a guy like this. He is a hunter, and he helps me kill the monsters. He also rides a motorcycle.  Funny thing is he calls his, Sweetie.

His eyes light up when they see me, and I hope that we can be together for a long time. I have never been able to keep a relationship, because of the work that I do. They never want to stick around because they are scared of me or don’t believe me about what I do. Tyler is so sweet though, and he is thoughtful. He makes me feel special and loved.

I wanted you to know about him because I wanted to make sure that I wrote down what I felt when I felt it. I wanted to make sure that I wrote about what happiness was and how it made me feel at the moment. I have never felt so happy and loved and this is the first time that I have felt this way.

Thank you for letting me drone on about a man that I just met and yet he makes me feel so loved and happy. Tyler is going to be the one man that I spend the rest of my life. He can be the one that makes me settle down and stop hunting, but that would take a lot to make me stop. I need to find Doryan, but for now, I am happy.



Author: Nina Butler

I am an aspiring screenwriter. I do book reviews on the side. I would also love to publish a horror fantasy series. I love to read, write, create, and connect with fellow writers.

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