A Supernatural Short Story

Something Supernatural

There was a young man named, Patrick, and he loved the stories that he had heard growing up about mystical things. He had heard stories about vampires, werewolves, dragons, witches, and ghosts. He was always fascinated by these things and wanted to better understand them. He decided that one day he would go into the world and see if these stories were true and if the creatures were real. Unbeknownst to him, they were very true and very real, and he would find that out extraordinarily soon.

Many years passed before he was even able to go on his journey to find the creatures he had studied all of his life.  He had just graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mythology. He wanted to be prepared for his journey when he actually did go. He was driving home from school one day when he heard on the radio that there were killings and the victims had been drained of blood. He thought that there was no way that this could happen to him and that this was a dream come true. He drove home as fast as he could and packed a bag because he was about to hit the road to his first adventure.

He drove an old beat up car that he wished was a 67’ Impala just like his idols had in the show, Supernatural, and yes he was a huge fan of the show. He used this as a guide to all things mystical. He wanted to be like Dean Winchester, and fight the good fight and deal with the supernatural beings. Patrick had light brown hair, green eyes and was from Kansas just like Dean was. Sometimes he even thought he could be Dean’s brother he looked that much like him.  He did not have a brother like Dean does, but he did have the tools to that he needed to get the job done.  He was going to kill a vampire, and he could not be more excited.

Patrick was nervous about all of this happening so fast. He didn’t think that all of this could actually be as real as he wanted it to be. He had spent years researching this stuff, and somehow he felt drawn to this kind of stuff all the time. He knew deep down that there was something calling to him. He was ready for whatever happened, or so he thought he was. He knew that he had to go check out this crime scene that the radio was talking about. He was ready for his first adventure, and nothing was going to stop him.

He drove for three days just to get to where these murders were happening. He went to a motel and checked in to a room, where he sat on the bed reading the newspaper.  The room was dank and smelled of old mold, but it reminded him of the motels that Dean and Sam would check into.  What did he expect for $29.99 a night? He was going to go to the crime scene the next morning, so he lay back on the bed and almost instantly fell asleep. He dreamt that he got to meet Dean and Sam and that they went on a supernatural adventure together. He woke up in a sweat and looked around the room he didn’t realize he wasn’t safe at home in his own bed.

The next morning, he woke up after having dealt with his nightmare. As he went to go take a shower, he realized that something was off about the room, and someone or something had been in there while he was asleep. The overnight bag that he had brought with him was ransacked; this to him meant that he was in the right place. He went to and took a shower to wash off all of the craziness that was surrounding him. He was thinking about how awesome this was that he was actually doing what he loved to do as the hot water beat down on his face. He took a really long shower to the point that the water turned cold. He toweled off and got ready to go to the crime scene.

He drove over to the crime scene and was stopped by the cops stopped him and asked for his I.D. Patrick scrambled to give his I.D. to the officer and was very nervous about what they would say. He handed the I.D. to the officer standing near his car and the officer looked at him and asked if he was really in the F.B.I. Then he stated that Patrick was a bit young to be in the F.B.I. Patrick looked at that cop and smiled knowing he wasn’t going to get away with this like Sam and Dean do. The cop shook his head, and he went to go verify Patrick’s information. The officer took about twenty minutes to come back, and it felt like hours to Patrick.

He was becoming more and more nervous about being caught when the officer walked up to the car. He told Patrick it was ok to go on through to the crime scene and not to flash the F.B.I. badge, because they all knew who he was. He was amazed that this had actually worked. He drove to the crime scene and as he was going to the place to park he looked around and saw that there was blood everywhere. Patrick was dumbfounded, because the radio said that the victims were drained of blood. The radio had never said that it was going to be this messy and exciting. He then got out of the car and walked over to the body or what was left of the body.

He couldn’t tell what had done this right off the bat, but he thought it was a werewolf. It looked like an animal had come and tried to eat this person and then got scared off. He pondered if this could be real or if he was actually on a movie set. Patrick examined the body thoroughly, and he saw marks that looked like teeth. There wasn’t a clean bite almost as if the creature’s jaw was off or broken. He found this odd because werewolves don’t get hurt easily. He also found it strange that there were claw marks on the back of the head, and it was almost as the killer was kissing the victim when they turned. Either that or they were really close to their face because the claw marks matched up with the creature holding the victims head in their hands.

Patrick was so giddy about this that he was moving around and jumping up and down like a kid in a toy store. He took and impression of the bite marks and went back to the motel where he was staying so that he could compare his impression with the research that he had. He found something similar, but it wasn’t a werewolf bite. Patrick’s heart sank because he really wanted this to be supernatural. He stayed up doing research on the bite marks, and eventually, he went to sleep around 3 a.m.

When he woke up his room was ransacked again, but this time it looked like someone was looking for something. He checked all of his stuff and found that his years of research were missing.  He froze in his tracks when he saw that he laptop and bite mark impressions were gone as well. He didn’t understand what this meant, and now he had no way of finding out what was going on. He picked up the room and went to breakfast at the diner across the street.

Patrick was pondering whether or not this was a real investigation of the supernatural. He wanted so much for this to be true. He ate his pancakes and sausage in silence and then he had an idea. He paid for his meal and then went to the crime scene again to see if he could find any more new evidence. The body had been removed and the blood cleaned up for the most part. He looked at the platform where the body was lying and looked up and saw something awkward. The creature’s hair must have gotten caught on the lines above the platform.

He was starting to get that anxious feeling his soul again. He knew he was on to something that is why they trashed his room and took his research. It seemed to Patrick that the creature didn’t want to be found out. He did some more investigating around the area then returned back to his motel room. He used the computer in the motel lobby to help with is research. He then set a trap for the creature that night in his motel room, so that he could see who and what was tearing up his room.

Patrick lay there in the bed and waited for the creature to come into the room. He heard a noise outside his door, and then the door opened ever so slowly, and the creature entered the room, not knowing that it was about to get caught. He watched as the creature or person he really couldn’t tell what it was, was searching through his things and made it look like it was ransacked. The creature found what it was looking for, it found his research. The next step that the creature took could be its last.

The room lit up, and Patrick sat up in his bed and was astonished at what he saw. The creature was actually a woman that was at the crime scene yesterday. She stood there unable to move because he had put silver in the trip wire string. He had caught her red handed. She told him that she did not want to be exposed and wanted to be able to live a normal life. He explained that he just wanted to know if the creatures he had studied in school were real. Now that he knew they were he would be happy to publish a paper about the existence of such things. She pleaded with him not to expose her because she would be studied and killed if he wrote his paper.

Patrick didn’t want to expose her he wanted to end the creature that was killing all of these people. He told her that he had to kill her and that he was sorry, but she had killed several other people, and that was not an excuse to him. He pulled out the gun that he had with silver bullets and pointed it at her heart. She pleaded for her life and then she became angry and lunged at Patrick as she changed into a werewolf. He shot and it went right to her heart, and she fell limp on the ground. He was sad that he had to kill the creature, but he couldn’t let anyone else die either. Patrick was very happy that he had wrapped up his first case and was ready for his next adventure.

Patrick turned on the T.V. and saw what seemed to be an attack by another mythical creature. He packed his bag and checked out of the motel. He got into his car and drove to his next adventure, and he realized that he really was doing what he loved and was getting to be like Dean and Sam after all.


I do not own the characters or ideas from Supernatural.


Author: Nina Butler

I am an aspiring screenwriter. I do book reviews on the side. I would also love to publish a horror fantasy series. I love to read, write, create, and connect with fellow writers.

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