Sacrifice A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy by Ava Sinclair
Sacrifice A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy from Ava Sinclair.


Four dragon lords. One virgin sacrifice.

When my village sacrificed me to the dragons, I went willingly to the Altar Rock to die.

But I didn’t die.

I wake up in a castle built into a huge mountain. House Fra’Hir is one of many castles in the Drakoryan Empire. It is here I learn the truth — that women like me aren’t taken away to be devoured, but to be mated.

My mates, four sons of a dragon knight slain in the last battle of the ShadowFell, are unique both in personality and carnal abilities. They introduce me to the world of pleasure. In their bed chambers, they prepare me with masterful skill for the final, ultimate bond that will make me truly theirs.

But I am no passive mate. I make two vows to myself – to remember the village I left behind, and to remain strong. I will need that strength, not just to satisfy the insatiable appetites of my dragon lords, but to face the looming threat that will soon threaten both the Drakoryan and humans alike.

This book contains depictions of graphic sex and fantasy battlefield violence. Please do not purchase if these themes offend you.




“Are you the one who saved me?” I ask.
“Saved you?”
“From the dragon.”
He regards me, his gaze intense. “Yes, the dragon. As fearsome a beast as ever lived.” He walks to the bed and puts a hand on one of the posts. “Were you afraid, little one? When you first saw it, what went through your mind?”
I clutch the cover to my chest. The man is staring at me. Something about his eyes ring familiar. But that’s impossible. I’ve never seen him before. I struggle to answer his question.
“First, that my life was over. Then…” I summon the memory of the moment the dragon’s massive head rose above the lip of the ledge, the sheer size of it. “And then, I thought it was the most terrible, most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”
The corner of his mouth curves into a smile.
“You are a brave girl. What do they call you?”
“Lyla.” He repeats it, as if tasting my name on his tongue.
“Did you save me?” I ask again. “What happened? It took me…in its claw…” I curl my hand, subconsciously mimicking it. I close my eyes, trying to recall more. “I do not know what happened next.”
“And you do not need to.” His voice is deep. It seems to rumble from within. His accent is strange to my ears. “All that matters is that you are safe. And mine.”
“Yours?” I twist my hands into the sheet I clutch at my breast.
“Yes, little one.” He moves to the side of the bed. By the gods, he is huge! His thighs, smooth and brown, bulge with muscles as he walks. My heart begins to flutter in my chest at his approach. “You are here, unscathed.” He smiles. “Do you not think I deserve a boon for that?”
“A boon?” I try to swallow my nervousness. I’d planned for death, but not for this. My mind races as it sinks in what he wants. “My mother…she will be so glad to know that I’m alive. She could give you…” My voice falters and I look around. What could my poor mother give this man whose bed is larger than a room in my house. My gaze falls on the rich tapestries on the wall, the sumptuous firs on the stone floor.
He leans over, puts a finger under my chin. His eyes lock onto mine. The irises are green, then gray, then gold. “You are the boon.


About the Author:
Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

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Twitter: @authoringava
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Author: Nina Butler

I am an aspiring screenwriter. I do book reviews on the side. I would also love to publish a horror fantasy series. I love to read, write, create, and connect with fellow writers.

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