Yet Another Poem



The wind softly blows against your skin

Nature has its way of drawing you in

The sun beating down on your face

Dandelions dance around with such grace

The grass feels so soft beneath your feet

The smell of roses so sweet

The animals run along the ground

Trying ever so not to make a sound

Butterflies swarm around the flowers

In sync with the falling showers

Hummingbirds start to pollinate

The flowers and fruits in a blooming state

Bears come out of hibernation

Ready to start the next generation

Raccoons and squirrels too

Hunting for food or in need of rescue

The most beautiful colors ever seen

The air so crisp and clean

This time of the year is so supreme

Almost as if in a dream

Listen to the church bells ring

This is what happens when it’s Spring.

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago




It lurks in the shadows waiting

Watching, learning, debating

Will it do what needs to be done?

Only since this life has just begun

How do you say no when it’s your time to go?


It watches as the days go by

As I grow older and cry

Will it take me away today?

Only wondering because it seems to play

How do I say no when it’s my time to go?


It listens to the sounds of people

It even lurks around the church steeple

Will it take the elders away?

Seems to be ready to stay

How do they say no when it’s their time to go?


It wonders from place to place

Trying to catch her in a moment’s grace

Will it make her leave us now?

Just wanting to know when and how

How does she say no when it’s her time to go?


It gives a little reprieve

Wanting to get him to not believe

Will it show him that it’s over?

Does he get to say goodbye to Rover?

How does he say no when it’s his time to go?


It waits for us to be together

Almost like birds of a feather

Will it laugh if we are scared?

Because this whole life we have shared

How do we say no when it’s our time to go?

A Poem for the Winter

As the snow falls to the ground, he begins to shiver.

The bowman pulls the arrow from his quiver.

He stands steady ready to fire.

When the ice hitting the rocks, start to sound like a choir.


He stops to listen to the music it makes.

The arrow is pulled taught and his handshakes.

His coat is covered with fresh snow.

He puts down the arrow and the bow.


A deer comes out of the woods and stops.

The bowman looks right as his hand drops.

He can’t raise the bow for the kill.

It is so beautiful he knows he has the skill.


The winter has come and brought a new life.

Washed away all of the pain and strife.

Happiness is pure and full of dreams.

His life is no longer coming apart at the seams.


I Need to Write More

blur, book, candle

I have been terrible about keeping up with my writing. I am trying to make it a point to write something every day. I feel that if I don’t write, I don’t feel like I am doing what I need to be doing. I challenge all of you to write every day for the rest of your life. May it be in a journal, poetry, or just blogging.

I wanted to give you a little piece of myself today. I love to write, but I have been swamped lately, and have not been the writer that I want to be. I wanted to share a seasonal poem that I have written.

Halloween Time

Reds, yellows, and oranges too

Fall leaves of many colors all around

The wind is blowing along the ground

Shivers up and down your spine

For you know that it’s Halloween Time


Devils, angels, zombies, and monsters

Are they real or in your imagination?

Could be a mad scientist’s creation

Mixing potions like he is blind

For he knows that it’s Halloween Time


Candy apples, chocolate, and more

The children all love to eat

What the witch’s make them as a treat

Stirring the cauldron with rhythm and rhyme

For they know that it’s Halloween Time


Parties, sleepovers, and movie night

Families share their stories of horror

To see whose can be gorier

When scary tales seem to feel sublime

For they know that it’s Halloween Time